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Helen Wong, Natural Born Psychic, Channeler and Angelic Healer

I have clients who have been coming in for readings for many years, and through word of mouth, I've been blessed to read for people all over the world. 

If you are wondering what new things are coming into your life or if you are struggling at a crossroads or with a situation where guidance from Spirit would help, call me to schedule a reading (209) 462-7700.

Helen Wong


I am psychic, clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient and I am an empath. Psychic abilities run in families and I am a natural born psychic with the gift running on both sides - I grew up with a psychically gifted father and maternal grandmother.

I have been blessed with many gifts from Spirit; I am not only psychic, but I am also an ordained minister (I am also known as Reverend Helen Wong), a second degree Usui Reiki healer, a channeler, and an Angelic Reiki Master.

For many years, individual clients and police departments have come to me seeking clear and accurate information.  

I teach Master Angelic Reiki, meditation, and metaphysical and spiritual classes.

  I have also worked with various police departments. When they are frustrated with zero leads, they call me and I have helped them discover missing information that has helped them solve crimes. 

While I do help the police when I am called, my joy is in helping individual clients grow and live fuller, happier lives. 

What To Expect


The knowledge given from Spirit in psychic readings is tailored for each individual at that person's particular place in their lives. 

I love seeing clients use the knowledge channeled from Spirit to better navigate the rough spots and take more joy in the good times. 

Psychic readings help my clients gain a broader perspective on their lives and life's purpose.  

During your reading, I receive information from many sources: God, the Archangels, Spirit Guides, and Ascended Masters. The appropriate sources will come in just for you.

Just be prepared to hear the truth. And always remember that free choice and free will are yours - and you are loved and blessed. 

After a reading clients say they feel empowered, re-aligned with their true self and have a sense of calmness, purpose and direction.  

To schedule a psychic reading, please call (209) 462-7700 or contact me using the form. I look forward to speaking with you soon!



What Helen's Clients are Saying

New March 2019!    "I had a reading done by Helen recently and she was amazing. This was my first reading done by her and I was mind blown at the information she knew without even knowing me at all. You can tell she is naturally gifted. The information she provided me was very detailed and she even gave me prayers to say so that I can stay well protected, told me items to get to ward off negative energy. This woman is truly mind blowing. I will be coming back for another reading." ~Lauren H.

New March 2019!    "I've been a client of Helen's since I was like 21 yrs old and I'm gonna be 53 this yr. Wow time flies. HELEN IS AWESOME - GREATEST PSYCHIC I EVER MET. She is so accurate, no joke. When things happen, you're like OMG Helen told me this was gonna happen. When I was in my 20's she actually saved my life and I got out of a situation. Thanks again Helen.  If anyone out there is looking for a GREAT READING, BOOK A READING WITH HELEN. If I could, I would give her 10 stars, no joke. You will be amazed." ~Sandra M.

" I have been talking with Helen for a couple of years now and she has been dead on with everything."     ~Ron B.

"Helen was very helpful. She gave me prayers and protection methods and more. She reminded me of my own power. She gave me tools to acknowledge prosperity that is there but I am blocking. Lovely how well what she said resonated. It was moment of clarity after the other. I feel a lot of love and clarity from the universe now. Silly to get in my own way,  but nice to see that's what it is. I will be back for another reading. It's good to find a reliable psychic that I trust. Love and light." ~Janice

"Helen was absolutely amazing. My mother just recently passed away and I've been very anxious and uneasy wondering if she was okay. Helen channeled not only my mother's energy, but that of Mother Mary too. It was my first personal message from Mother Mary and it felt life-changing hearing the comfort and love of her words. Helen re assured me that my mother is safe and happy on the other side and also gave me insight on some things I need to take care of in my life. This has been my second reading with her and she always leaves me feeling spiritually connected and pure. I will always seek Helen out for guidance, as she as helped to guide me through my darkest times yet. Thank you!!!" ~Taylor

"Helen is AMAZING!  She gives her readings with honesty, compassion and spiritual wisdom. I didn't want our session to end. Thank you for your guidance Helen." ~ Danielle, Sacramento, CA 

"You're the best!" ~Janka G., Monterey, CA 

"I made copious notes of the reading. As usual there is always a big surprise in the readings you give--this one was no exception. Thank you, good job." ~Paige M., Oakland, CA   

"We had a session on January 24th and I wanted to thank you. At the time I spoke to you, I was extremely lost, and you provided guidance and warmth I needed... Thank you so much for your guidance. I do not think I would have been where I am without your help." ~Laryn, San Francisco, CA  

"It's truly a great experience to have a session with Helen. I've never thought spiritual readings and guidance can be performed over the phone, but I know now that it can be done. There was definitely an immediate connection with her as if we were talking face to face. I had questions about myself, my career, and my dwelling place. Her answers to my questions were very specific, and sometimes I felt that higher beings, other than herself, were answering my questions through her. The invisible wall that was blocking me from my medical career in the past year or so seemed to have been dissipated. I have a clearer direction for my life now, with more energy and focus. At the same time, I feel more protected. I am planning to have a session with her once every few months. Hopefully, she will still have time to counsel me in later years."~ Ken N., Oakland, CA


"I am a secular professor of water - wastewater environmental sciences who has known Helen Wong since 1986. She is a spiritual person. In the beginning of our relationship she assisted me as an advisor during a  very difficult time that was brought on by a poor economy. Time and again over the past 26 years, she has provided me valuable insight and assurance with regard making everyday situation decisions. And time after time, she has helped me face the uncertainty of what to do during other difficult times by providing guidance and direction which none was otherwise available. Over time, our relationship has evolved and she is now a valuable, loving person who has been woven into the fabric of my life." ~ Professor Robert Funk, P.E., CET 

"I had no idea of your energy, wow. Wanted to share that my spiritual awareness is expanding each and every moment. My guides have allowed me to see the universe in a new light. Today, I was shown my past path, and how you were an instrumental part years ago for my developement. My eye is open. Thank you. Much love and light." ~Todd S., Sacramento, CA   

"Helen, thank you for the wonderful session with my husband and I. You were so thoughtful, helping us through such a difficult time. Since our session, I have had such peace in my heart.  Although our situation with my missing brother is painful, you have given me hope, light and a reassurance through faith that things will be resolved soon. Before coming to you, I had had moments of lost faith. After seeing you, my faith is renewed. Thank you so much for the gifts you gave to us through your sight and communication with the angels..." ~Renee, Stockton, CA  

"I have known Helen as a childhood friend. I have always gone to her for readings, and she is very accurate. I am so happy to have her as my friend and guide." ~ Henrietta, Lincoln, CA 

"I've had regular sessions with Helen since 1995. I've also tried other psychics, but Helen is the best and (surprisingly) the most affordable. Her insights have always been of great value that help me with specific things, never vague at all, and to focus on what I need to do to further my career and make the most of relationships. Since getting to know Helen, I have authored five books and met my wife. I consider Helen an invaluable person in my life. She's my spiritual adviser and also a trusted friend. She's an amazing person." ~Jason Matthews, Sacramento, CA, author of: How to Make, Market and Sell Ebooks All for Free, Get On Google Front Page, How to Make Your Own Free Website: And Your Free Blog Too, The Little Universe, and Jim's Life.  http://ebooksuccess4free.wordpress.com


“I had a session with Helen today and, as usual, I am amazed at her gifts. Her accuracy, the way she speaks and expresses herself is absolutely divine, and I fully trust her intuitive abilities. I have known Helen for many years and she is in a constant state of evolution. God bless you Helen and thank you for sharing so much knowledge, encouragement and love with others. Your reading today was absolutely awesome!!! You amaze me with your accuracy and your angelic voice and speech. I think, know and believe that you are the best!!” ~update 7/25/11 from Dioro Boisseau, Dallas, TX 

"I have the pleasure of knowing Helen personally. She is one of the best psychics I've ever met and what is particularly refreshing about her is that she is a real psychic who makes uncannily accurate predictions for the future. I've not ever known her to be wrong. She's excellent with a timeframe as well. Helen is in that class of psychics with genuine and extraordinary gifts from Spirit, such as Jeane Dixon. I'm ecstatic to have her with us. Astounding accuracy." ~Dyan Garris, Owner of Voice of the Angels

“Thank you for all the guidance given throughout my years. For it was you that has made me believe in myself, thinking of better things are in my future, not always what I wanted, but what I needed. Your words of future events kept me wondering and believing in myself, hence making the right decisions for my life.” Todd, Sacramento, CA

"I am nearly speechless after a reading with Helen that became a channeling. I knew she had been working with and channeling the Sirian Council, but I didn't expect that they would come through her with messages for me... I've always been amazed at Helen's psychic gifts but to witness firsthand this new advancement in her abilities, this phenomenon of channeling high beings, was very exciting, healing and empowering. I was intrigued by the way her voice, vocabulary and rhythm of her speech completely changed - and I will be digesting the information for quite some time... Thank you Helen. Thank you Sirian Council. I really appreciate the information. If you haven't seen or spoken with Helen for a while, you might want to...Maybe the Sirian Council will come through for you as well." ~update from Jane, Danville, CA   

"A reading with Helen is powerful. She provides accurate information and loving guidance with her beautiful energy and many talents. I have gone to Helen for over 30 years. In each session I am reminded of her compassion, wisdom and love and especially of her many spiritual gifts. She has helped me with all types of issues as she creates a safe and loving place to discuss anything on my mind.  Everything matters and  nothing is too insignificant to be addressed. Suggestions and guidance are given in clear and often lighthearted way allowing me to leave with a much improved outlook and a very uplifted spirit. In addition to the reading, Helen often shares relevant reading material, techniques for creating and maintaining positive energy and may recommend workshops for additional spiritual growth. Helen is an amazing psychic and valued resource for personal growth. She has a lifetime of knowledge. I highly recommend a session with Helen Wong -you will be amazed." ~ Paula F., Acampo, CA

"Helen is truly a gifted psychic! I am always amazed how accurate her information is. She has assisted in bringing information regarding my family, job and health issues. Due to her guidance I took care of a health matter that could have been far more serious and was resolved due to her direction. I HIGHLY recommend her as a psychic and Angel counselor!" ~Lisa Vela, Manteca, CA

"Helen Wong is a very gifted, natural-born psychic. She is the real deal - and she'll give you very specific details. Her psychic readings have been spot-on, very specific - with names/places, and even time frames. You might or you might not hear what you want to hear, but Helen always helps you understand the bigger picture. She is great at suggesting books and next-steps ideas.  In any case, you always leave feeling empowered and protected, knowing that God, your spirit guides and the angels are there for you." ~Jane, Danville, CA

"I was able to speak with Helen [through Voice of the Angels] and she was wonderful, as always... She is very healing and explains things in a way that is not only comforting, but very enlightening... She makes sense out of the emotions that are, at times, very confusing to me." ~Susie, Philadelphia, PA

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